We Provide a Natural Life for Horses

Kent Hill Farm was established for the purpose of allowing our performance horses to have as natural a life as possible when they are at home and away from the show venue. We all know the stress caused by living in an eight-by-eight-foot stall 23 hours per day at our shows. Every horseman knows that the closer to natural life a horse can live, the healthier they are.

So no, we are not a pasture boarding facility, but when the horses are outside in pasture, they have trees to stand under, grass under their feet, fresh water to drink and acres to run around in. Although this may be a risk for some of our show horses, for the most past there have been no serious injuries related to their turnout. We have thirty acres divided into pastures of various sizes to accommodate either solo turnout or turnout with a best buddy or two, whatever you like. Generally, the horses spend six hours a day in turnout. Night turnout is available also during the hot weather months.

We have an excellent staff providing educated and caring supervision of your horses. All have excellent experience and ongoing training. Full groom is available when desired.

Night check daily ensures that the horses are comfortable after dinner, that they have hay and water, and any medications may be administered.

We are located approximately three miles east of the Colorado Horse Park on Democrat Road.