Experience High Quality Horse Boarding

Kent Hill Farm has been a premier facility for the last 20 years. We are very fortunate to have a combination of a great staff, trainers, and facility that will bring out the best in horse and rider. Most boarders notice the peacefulness of the facility and how that atmosphere brings out the best in their horse. With onsite management and our dedicated veterinarian, plus an equine rehabilitation team, all of your horse’s needs can be met, short of surgery!

Feeding of high-quality hay, grain, and administration of supplements or medications occurs three times daily. Smaller, more frequent feedings help to prevent colic and improve weight gain. A professional staff doing night checks ensures a healthy, happy herd. A fly spray system keeps the summer fly population out of the barn.

The main barn has 17 large box stalls and is attached to the small indoor arena (140x60). We have a heated office and bathroom, and a tack room. Washer and dryer are available to boarders to wash anything short of a blanket. A heated wash rack Please come and visit soon: we are in the beginning of a major remodel with new stalls, wash and dry racks being added allows for winter bathing.

The smaller dairy barn is warm in winter and cool in summer with its 10 inch thick clay block walls. There are 8 stalls in this barn. Three of the stalls have runs off of them. The other large stalls are 12x18 feet. There are three smaller stalls for small horses or ponies.

Pens and sheds complete the offerings for stabling. The pens are large and the sheds are 12x12.

The new indoor arena (170x85 feet) is only 50 feet away and is lighted and insulated for comfortable riding summer and winter.

Maintaining a great footing is a primary concern for us. The footing is graded daily and watered as necessary.

We feel that turnout is a priority for our horses’ health and wellbeing so the entire herd is turned out to pasture 7 days a week for at least 6 hours. The 30 acres is divided into pastures of various sizes from 10 acres to smaller one-acre pastures. Your horse can be turned out alone or with a buddy, provided they are happy together.

Our chief veterinarian has insured that our herd is free of parasites. All incoming horses are wormed upon arrival; fecal samples are checked on all horses once a year to insure that our worming program is effective. Since this program has been in place, our herd has been free of parasites.

Our prices are inclusive of full care; there are no hidden fees added on for blanketing, turnout or supplement administration.